NET-Q Project Receives $2 Million in Funding to Continue its Programs

The College of Education’s Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality (NET-Q) project has received $2 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Education to continue its programs in the 2012-2013 school year.

The NET-Q project is a collection of programs, partnerships, initiatives and incentives designed to prepare teachers for the demands of teaching in critical fields in high-need schools. The College of Education has partnered with six metro-Atlanta school districts, 23 rural districts in south and west Georgia, four Georgia colleges, Georgia Public Broadcasting and the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future in its efforts to train, support and retain quality teachers.

This funding for NET-Q will allow the College of Education to expand its teacher residency program, which includes a full year in schools, working under the supervision of master teachers and Georgia State University faculty. As residents complete the program, they go on to teach in critical fields in high-need schools in rural and urban communities.

“Through NET-Q’s residency component, we have recruited military veterans, mathematicians, scientists, health professionals and many other career-changers who are highly knowledgeable in their content areas, mature professionals and passionate about becoming successful educators who can make a difference in students’ lives,” said Gwen Benson, College of Education associate dean for school, community and international partnerships and NET-Q’s principal investigator.

The College of Education will also continue its Cross Career Learning Communities – groups of teachers and administrators who meet regularly to discuss everything from achievement data and lesson plans to student work samples and professional dilemmas.

81 thoughts on “NET-Q Project Receives $2 Million in Funding to Continue its Programs

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